Airplay has merged with Eagle Paragliding. Please visit the Eagle Paragliding Website for current news, information and products.

About Airplay Paragliding


While there are many schools that can get you up in the air, Airplay Paragliding, created by five-time Diamond Safety Award winner Dixon White, and operated by Rob Sporrer is totally focused on the training of safe, competent and confident beginner and advanced pilots. We offer a full range of courses from our two-day Introductory Class to Certification Courses and Advanced Clinics on maneuvers, thermals and cross-country flying. We have the very best training facilities in the country, where, from day one, you can learn and perfect not just your launch and landing, but your ground handling, your thermaling, and your understanding of micro-meteorology.

We have a passion for flying and for teaching others to fly. All our instuctors are experienced pilots and teachers and we strive to make your learning experience fullfilling and exciting, with a focus on safety and progression at all times.

Airplay Paragliding is a distributor for many manufacturers of paragliders and paragliding accessories, specializing in Airwave, UP, and Windtech gliders. We distribute only those goods which have proven to be exceptional in quality and service. We offer a 30-day return policy on some items. If you thought your instructor was good, please support them with your business. See our advice on buying equipment.

Within the Airplay teaching system we also have other schools available to you in other parts of the USA. These schools teach to the same exacting standard that you can expect from Airplay.

The video Starting Paragliding
gives an overview of our Novice training course. Footage was shot of actual students on the hill and in the classroom. See our Shop for more information and other videos.