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Considerations for New Motor Pilots

As you get involved in motoring there are some important considerations that are somewhat different than normal free-flight. We will test your understanding of these concepts when you arrive.

Being in close proximity to gasoline engines of any type can be potentially harmful or fatal especially if the unit is strapped to your back. Flying/kiting/standing with gasoline strapped to your back can result in burns or smoke inhalation because the wind may blow flames and smoke into you.

It is possible for carabineers to break in flight. Any component to a paramotor can break or fail at any time. A paraglider that has been tested to withstand as much as 16g's can fail with less force than that.

The tip of a prop is moving over 370mph and if it comes apart at any time can cause severe injury or death.

Reserve parachutes can fail to open or operate correctly even if deployed properly.

Here are problem areas that everyone has even after being well-informed: